Rick Hansen for Montgomery County GOP Central Committee

You Deserve the Best Candidates To Represent You In Annapolis and DC

Please Remember To Vote in Maryland’s Primary Elections On September 14, 2010

Rick Hansen

Montgomery County GOP Central Committee

Montgomery County is in Trouble

  • All levels of government are running huge deficits
  • Next year many families will be taxed an extra $1,000 per month.
  • We are missing conservative representation at the county, state, and federal levels
  • We need conservatives who will cut the reckless spending in Annapolis and DC.
  • Rick Hansen will listen to you and support candidates who reflect your best interests.

You Deserve Better Government!

  • Rick Hansen will encourage qualified conservative candidates to run for office
  • Rick Hansen will support their efforts to stop the reckless spending in Annapolis and DC.
  • Thank you for supporting conservative candidates in 2010!

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Rick is already supporting strong conservatives, such as Jim Rutledge for U.S. Senate. Rick also endorses Eric Carey, candidate for the Maryland Senate from District 14, Dan Campos for Delegate from District 17, and Brian Murphy for Governor. Maryland needs good conservatives like Jim, Brian, Dan, and Eric. Please consider supporting them.

Rick is looking forward to representing Republican voters in the county’s Legislative District 14, which covers Eastern and Northern Montgomery County, including Ashton, Burtonsville, Colesville, Damascus, Gaithersburg (20882), Mount Airy, Sandy Spring, Silver Spring (20904), Spencerville, and Sunshine.

About Rick - Rick Hansen is active in a number of conservative causes, and serves as the Community Organizer in Montgomery County for the Jim Rutledge for U.S. Senate campaign. Rick has served as a Chief Election Judge for Montgomery County. Rick Hansen is a disabled veteran and is active in supporting the American Legion as well as the Patriot Guard which honors deceased veterans and their families.

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Please feel free to let Rick Hansen know how he can represent you and ensure your views are heard by candidates and the party leadership. Please click here to contact him. .

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